Tricky Situation? Procare’s got this!

Being in the Disaster Response & Insurance Repair industry is not always a breeze. You encounter all sorts of snags and roadblocks that some may think would have been easier to walk away than to help a homeowner in need.

Procare Property Restoration will do whatever they can to assist our neighbors and know how to get creative in difficult situations. Without getting into details, Wayne and Gus saw this as an opportunity to help a local family that didn’t have much hope.

NASHVILLE, TN – This electrical fire was caused by a power strip that had malfunctioned. This family was elated when Procare Property Restoration came to the rescue and repaired their property and worked with their situation. In the end? A beautifully restored home and an overjoyed family. These are only some of the amazing photos. Check out the heartfelt “thanks” they left on their Certificate of Completion!