Flat tire? We can do that too!

When it rains it pours… literally! Procare Property Restoration is always ready, willing and able to help in our local neighborhoods and communities and yesterday was a perfect example of that! As the storms swept through Middle Tennessee yesterday afternoon we had a few of our crew help a neighbor in need. You can read her version of the story in the reviews below since she was so sweet to post to our page late last evening.

As the crew were dealing with falling trees and electrical lines, hitting not only a home but our own vehicles, they stopped and took a minute to change out a tire for a woman having a rough day. It takes just a few minutes to help out others but leaves such a good lasting impression. Thank you Wayne, Todd, Chris & Jason! ‪#‎procarerocks‬ ‪#‎thisishowwedoit‬

In the end, the home suffered minor damage which our crew were able to help manage, our vehicles suffered minor scratches and a neighbor went home happy! ‪#‎everydayisagoodday‬