Water Damage

Although essential to life, water can be devastating when introduced into your home or business unexpectedly.   Whether a water supply line broke and flooded a bathroom or a water main ruptured under your showroom, ProCare Solutions’ team of highly trained technicians combined with industry leading technology will identify the source of the water, aid in correcting the problem and begin the process of drying the structure.

It is important to address water quickly with highly trained personnel and industry leading equipment to prevent mold/mildew growth which could harm family or employees.  ProCare Solutions’ team is on standby 24/7/365 to respond quickly to your home or business and start the drying process.  Whether it is plaster, drywall, hardwood flooring or custom cabinets, we will find a way to dry your structure or take the necessary steps to remove the damaged material and work with your insurance company to replace them promptly and efficiently.